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PROMO free beginner flashcards


Hey! Over the last year I have zeroed in on my expectations for what information a beginner should really know back to front, and made them into flashcards that I want to offer as my resource of the week! I use flashcards in nearly every lesson - the leaderboard included in these files makes a certain type of student so excited to see them coming out.

For these purposes, a beginner is generally someone who is nearing the end of their first on-staff method book, for example Piano Adventures Primer, or My First Piano Adventures Book B/C.

Each file includes 5 pages of flashcards, and there are 5 different files. Click to download!

This way there should be something for everyone.

I would recommend printing out the flashcards onto thick card and laminating them for longevity. The leaderboard can be used in any way, but my rule is that anyone who can name all 18 flashcards without any help can go up there in pride of place... (I'm quite strict about that, too, so it feels like a real achievement!)

Usage ideas for Maximum Flashcard Fun

Flashcard Champions:
Ask the student to name each of the picture cards without any help and if they can they can go straight on the (included) leaderboard

Matching game:
Lay out all the cards on the floor and ask your students to match them up as quickly as possible! Time them for extra excitement.

Word game:
Give your students the picture cards and ask them to describe each card without saying what it is, while you guess (for example, for a pair of quavers/eighth notes, the student could say "they last for half a crotchet/quarter note" or "there's two of them and they look like they're holding hands!!") Set a timer and see how many they can get through! Then swap roles. This game is a bit more advanced! 

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