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I'm so pleased to have you here! My name is Sofie Kay and I teach piano to 50 students in Brighton, UK. 

I looove teaching, it is truly my happy place, and my students are everything to me.

...That face the younger kids make when they're trying to remember a music term...and the cogs turn...and they suddenly remember?

...The moment your mind can relax from teaching, because after weeks of hard work, your student is playing music - real music!

...When a student runs to the piano stool and says "I made up a song!", all smiles and excitement and ready to work??

I live for those moments!

Keeping things fun and open is what I'm all about as a teacher, and I love to find ways of making annoying, unnecessary things easier. Life is hard enough already, isn't it?!

As well as music, I have a background in graphic design, so I've been able to create all the teaching resources that I couldn't find elsewhere.

Talking of which...

Grab a cuppa, you've got some free piano teaching resources to download!

I started the Enjoy Piano blog so that other teachers would visit to feel supported, encouraged, and perhaps even inspired, by a small offering of a creative and useful teaching resource every week... But then there were so many posts, it became a bit overwhelming for new visitors to trawl through! So here is a much easier way to find resources: click the pictures below to take you through to lists of free resources and information.

I live and work in Brighton, UK, and am living the dream of spending every day doing something I love. I love the simple things, and I also love things being simple.

I have been playing piano since I was 5, and think there's a special magic in finding the time to sit down, plonk a cup of tea next to the piano, and play my heart out for an hour or more.I started teaching a friend's younger sister when I was 17, and quickly realised teaching was my happy place. I wanted to spend hours planning each lesson, and I had a million ideas for fun games and activities, so during a gap year I took on 8 more students to gain experience.

I studied Physics at university, while teaching piano and running a small handmade crafts business. I realised in the middle of year 2 at uni that I couldn't do everything and do a good job, so I needed to make a decision! Did I want to carry on teaching piano? Yes, yes and yes. Did I want to be a scientist? As it turns out, no, I did not!

I left university and slowly grew my studio to 50 students. Now, I take lessons as a professional and perform when I can.

And of Enjoy Piano!

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